wealth in the name & work.

"If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be? Destiny could be described as imaginative. Reason being is that once she has an idea, she immediately acts on it. She has to be one of the most dedicated and open-minded artists the city of Philadelphia has to offer. She’s more than a photographer, she brings more to the idea of photography. She creates stories with her photography such as race equality, masculinity, culture and much more to come. As someone who did their first ever photo shoot with her, I can say she’s very passionate, creative and ideal. I’d recommend her to anyone and everyone that enjoys fashion, modeling and I’d recommend fellow photographers. She’s beyond inspirational and is a excellent artist to brainstorm with and create new vivid ideas. She’s like no other. If you have an opportunity to do a photo shoot, collaborate or even dive into the world of photography for your first with Destiny, act upon it and don’t wait."

- Camryn Willis